Mission Statement

Cetos Research Organization is a non-profit organization with a focus of conducting research mainly on marine wildlife species but also on other wildlife. Through our findings, we work to enhance and augment conservation and management of living marine and terrestrial resources. We study endangered marine species and other federally protected species about which little is known.
Humpback Whale Swimming


  • Conduct management and conservation related research on biological resources. This includes marine ecosystems (e.g. coral reefs) and wildlife at sea and on land. Much but not all of our work is on “mega”-vertebrate marine species (e.g. whales, seals, dolphins, sea turtles);
  • Promote effective conservation and management policies for marine and terrestrial resources, especially by sharing our results without delay;
  • Investigate wildlife species which might be under-funded by government agencies or in areas with limited information;
  • Identify and assess anthropogenic impacts on wildlife; propose solutions to mitigate these effects; and
  • Develop an educational program to increase awareness and show ways to reduce human impacts.


At Cetos we carry out original research; we seek to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge regarding different wild species.

Headed out to monitor whalesWe organized as a research entity because we recognize that most of the world’s marine and wildlife species are currently threatened by a variety of factors. These include but are not limited to anthropogenic (man-made) disturbances, habitat destruction or degradation, hunting, overfishing, and other harmful practices directly or indirectly affecting the survival of these species.

Humpback underwater