Cetos Research Organization

Our Projects and Milestones

Since our founding in 2003, Cetos Research Organization has completed a wide variety of many successful studies, publications, reports, and surveys. We have partnered with many successful and published researchers and also train biologists entering the field in data collection techniques. In order to ensure that our work results in protection of marine mammal speciesĀ and a better understanding of how to protect habitats and the species within themPulling in the array, we work with our research associates and staff scientists to publish our findings in peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Cetos scientists have presented at scores of conferences over the years, not only at the Marine Mammal Society meetings but also at many other professional meetings – acoustic meetings, ocean sciences meetings, even at meetings on music!

In addition to our ongoing Hawaiian humpback whale studies, we have completed three successful deep-water offshore acoustic and/or visual survey projects each resulting in new published findings. We have supported and facilitated studies on minke whales and orcas, and have an active role in conservation of the critically endangered Vaquita in collaboration with various colleagues and/or respected scientists. Please visit our Research Projects page to learn more about study findings and our Gallery to see footage, recordings, and photos from our various research endeavors.

In 2006 we began supporting a variety of school programs ranging from elementary school classes to high school students learning field techniques. We work with partners at these schools to provide outreach and outdoor education so that they can have an opportunity, in some cases for the first time in their lives, to encounter wildlife and to be in natural habitat.

To see a short list of our recent or pending work, please refer to the News page.