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Society of Marine Mammology Presenters

Cetos researchers had their recent findings accepted for presentation at the Society of Marine Mammalogy meeting held in Halifax, Canada in October 2017. Data was presented on acoustic signals produced by tagged mothers and calves in Hawaii, including a unique sound not recorded previously either in HI or on other breeding grounds. Cetos also shared data on how to successfully approach mother calf pairs for tagging, and presented information on our new affordable GPS tag that we developed and tested.

2018 Fundraising Goals

Our fundraising efforts are geared towards our ongoing, long terms research or conservation work. All Cetos researchers are volunteers which allows all funding to go directly to research, conservation efforts (including education and working with local management personnel or organizations) and publishing our findings so that data can be disseminated quickly and efficiently. Donations currently go towards our upcoming 2018 field research project on Humpback Whale that will take place in Hawaii, our ongoing Vaquita conservation work, and a new project starting in Summer 2018 in the Gulf of Maine assessing effects of climate change on marine mammals in the Gulf.

New Affordable Tags Fundraising

Cetos wrapped up our recent crowd sourcing fundraising campaign on, a site for scientists to fund their projects. We met our target fundraising goal and raised $2500 towards R&D of our new affordable tag. Check out our page at to learn more about our project – Search for “humpback whale” and our View into Vocalizations project will pop up. Our goal is to continue our non-invasive tagging whale research in 2018.